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“Music makes a difference in people’s lives. It exalts the human spirit; it enhances the quality of life.“

- National Association for Music Education

Many parents are deciding to homeschool their children due to the health and safety concerns surrounding the coronavirus. All of a sudden you are curriculum writer, lesson planner, supplies manager, teacher, and parent, supposedly all at the same time.

And not only do you need to get your head around math, English, science, and history, but you also have to include art and music education! Which probably has you asking, “How do teachers (let alone, I) do this all day every day?”


Allow me to take the music education planning off of your dog-eared and sweat-stained todo list.


30-minute Online General Music classes are every week or every other week on a day and time we choose together.


Students learn the basics of music (steady beat, notation, musicality, singing, and more) using fun and engaging age-appropriate activities.


Children also learn about other cultures through the lens of music while exploring their own musical abilities.

To learn more, Book a Free 15-Minute Online Consult.


“I have said many times–if I hadn’t been exposed to music as a child I don’t think I would have been president.”

Bill Clinton (“Bill Clinton and Bono reveal how music changed their lives.” Niall O’Dowd, Irish Central, May 7, 2010.)


30-Minute Online Beginner Piano and Voice Lessons for children.


Lessons are tailored to the your child's abilities and interests. If your child has taken lessons before, we will assess their progress and continue where their previous lessons left off.


Students learn how to read music along with other music theory concepts as appropriate to their musical development.

We will also cover basic performance skills and provide opportunities for your child to perform virtually.

To learn more, Book a Free 15-Minute Online Consult.

Image by Clark Young

“Music is fun to do. It’s very rewarding to be able to like learn how to play something and then be able to be like, “I did that! You see that? That was really cool!” - Timothy, 15


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